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Ink on paper.... it’s one of the oldest means of mass communication there is. Since
Gutenberg made his first impression with a printing press, we’ve had a never ending
love affair with the printed word and the images that enhance those words.

Visualeyez Creative has been working in the print industry since 1977. Our knowledge
spans all aspects of the printing business and our designs range from economical to
extravagant. This translates into innovative print material that makes your product or
service stand out and get noticed.

From the preliminary concepts, through design, then printing and finally delivery to
your door - we have the ability to create and manage your print projects from start to finish.
Our ‘one-stop-shop’ streamlines your production schedule - helping you keep costs
in line and projects delivered on time. Over the years, Visualeyez Creative has provided
clients with a wide variety of print solutions and marketing material.

They include:
:: Logos                :: Stationery              :: Brochures, Catalogues
:: Direct Mail         :: Annual Reports     :: Trade Show Displays
:: Book Design     :: Newsletters            :: Advertising Design